wild at home

Wild At Home

JK to Grade 6

Monday to Fridays -
Self Directed curriculum with 9am and 1pm check ins with their teacher.
Choose from 1 to 5 days / week.

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- Engaging nature based curriculum
- Focus on independent work
- Primarily offline
- Large focus on getting students outside independently


Our Wild At Home program is designed to engage students in independent and self-driven learning, our program reduces screen time and increases outdoor time.

The program, although relatively new, has been a resounding success as parents and students report high engagement and pleasure in learning. In particular, parents have reported feeling less pressure in facilitating their child’s learning and surprise at the extent and success of outdoor and offline engagement!

Our students do daily yoga, journaling and record weather observations; make backyard maps, create field guides, write stories, build shelters, count / inventory species, go on self guided curated family missions and so much more.


“We have experienced 4 days of online schooling with [other school] in Toronto in September and it was a disaster. Screen from 9 - 3 and zero focus from my son. Heartbreaking so many kids have no other option but this.

I really like your short and sweet half hour check ins - boys love to see their friends and their teacher. Your projects are so fun and boys are eager to do them knowing it is to show Ms. Bush and friends how well they can do. It’s a day and night experience with [other school].”

“I just wanted to say thank you for understanding and being supportive of X minimally participating in the google meets. We are both blown away that they are willing to have their camera on (In the spring they couldn’t even tolerate the meet being on even with their camera and mic off!) I think that this shows how comfortable they are with you!! Thank you so much.”

“Thanks for setting up such a great week for the students. The content was incredible and I really appreciated it was not online! Though it was sometimes hard to get them to actually do some of the assignments, they definitely enjoyed the learning they did do!

“Thank you for all the great materials - Looking forward to a great day!”

"Fun projects!"

"It took a few days but we have done it! Thanks for great inspiration, we had so much fun doing it. See you Monday and thank you."

“Thank you, what a great video about the trees! So inspiring to learn about all our trees -  we learned a lot.”

“Sorry to have missed the second session, we got sidetracked on our hike! We will work on identifying the trees, tracks and plants as well as painting the rocks we picked tomorrow and send our work when done.”

“We love learning with Wild School, fun projects!”