Leader In Training Program (13-16 years)

Leader In Training Program (13-16 years)

The LIT program is a combination of two components: the LIT Prep course and a minimum 4 week commitment of intensive LIT experience with WILD Camp. This program is designed to provide to-be LITs the skills and experience that they need to succeed and grow as leaders. Not only are they exposed to extensive skill development and professional resources (LIT Prep), they are given the opportunity to practice and hone these skills while being mentored by leading professionals in the field.

LIT Prep Course
June 27 - June 30 (Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 3:30pm)

What do I get?
- Basic First-Aid Review
- Understanding of group dynamics
- Wilderness survival skills (navigation, fire lighting, knot tying, shelters)
- Canoe paddling skills (solo and lead)
- Water Rescue
- Risk Management

Cost: $550.00
- With a 4 week LIT commitment save 25% ($380.00)
- With an 8 week LIT commitment save 50% ($250.00)

LIT Volunteer Experience
Minimum 4 Week Commitment

What do I get?
- Valuable real-life experience leading groups
- Mentorship from a variety of leading professionals
- Skill practice and development
- Grow in an environment that supports you and lifts you up
- Canoeing and Wilderness survival experience
- Extensive Teaching practice
- Great references on your resume

Cost: $0 It's Free!
- We will happily sign off on volunteer hours for high school

The two components of this program give participants the necessary skills to be a capable wilderness instructor and the opportunity to practice these skills through hands-on experience with involved mentorship and feedback.


Please note we have a limited space available. LITs will be selected based on an interview process.

This is an opportunity for high school students to get outside, join our school, and get some valuable leadership experience.

At Blue Mountain Wild School we strive to create a new model of education that focuses on the whole student. We seek to create experiences and learning opportunities which ignite curiosity and passion for learning. Our team focuses on instilling confidence, resilience, and courage in order to empower these future changemakers. WILD stands for wilderness integrated leadership development. It is a philosophy born out of a core belief that the greatest learning is found in real experiences. We focus on ‘rewilding’ the student’s thinking: to be free to formulate new ideas, problem solve and to think creatively irrespective of normative and conformative educational standards. We integrate and go beyond their provincial curriculum to develop a program that inspires and ignites curiosity and growth.

canoeing Blue Mountains

We are offering a leadership program geared towards high school students looking for an opportunity to transform and develop their educational experience. Our primary focus is developing leadership capability and connecting students with themselves and the land.

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What About My Highschool Credits/Diploma?
Our leadership program compliments the Ontario curriculum for high school education. Not only will students participate in teaching and leading younger students, they will gain hard skills in a variety of outdoor pursuits, develop their soft skills of organisation, responsibility, public speaking, and critical thinking and they will help to design and lead a community outreach program.
There are no high school credits given for participating in this program.

Who Are We Looking For?
We’re looking for high school students who have a passion for the outdoors. Students who are willing to take on a challenge and push themselves. You will get the opportunity to help teach and support elementary students, developing your leadership and outdoor skills.
You will be joining a group of highly trained teachers, outdoor educators, and therapists providing fun and experiential education to youth.