Integrated Education

Integrated Education

Our integrated education program is designed to compliment Provincial curriculum by providing engaging and inspiring learning experiences. This allows students the opportunity to more fully engage with their proficiencies (math, writing, reading, etc.) that they have been developing in their regular classroom while also challenging them both physically and mentally. We make learning exciting and fun which carries back into the classroom in a profound manner. We also focus heavily on emotional intelligence development, bolstering attributes such as confidence, self-awareness, empathy, grit and resilience.

This program is designed to push the student outside of mainstream thinking, fostering creativity and independence in their learning. The curriculum is delivered through a project based program where inquiry and passion allow the student to take knowledge they have and delve further into creating, researching, and developing new ideas while reigniting a love of learning. Through these projects, competencies of literacy, math, and science are developed and consolidated in a positive and congruous manner.
summer camp outdoor learning
cross country skiing

The integrated program is a great way to compliment other education programs. It compliments home schooling by providing opportunities for more socialization and alternative perspectives. And it compliments public school education by creating more experiential learning opportunities that can provide new ways of understanding proficiencies and, more importantly, can help foster an attitude of fun and excitement towards learning. From cross country skiing to wilderness hiking and canoeing - our integrated education program fosters a love for wilderness skills in youth. Not only are students developing their skills and connections to the outdoors, they are also learning to relate and connect to wildlife, seasonal changes in the biosphere, as well as the biodiversity in the flora and fauna of our region.

What are we offering?

Our schedule offers two-day a week*** programming.
Grades 1 to 3 can register to attend the program Monday and Wednesday 9:00am-3:30pm
Grades 4 to 6 can register to attend the program Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am-3:30pm
The integrated program registration is by semester (2021-2022)
Semester 1: September 6 to December 17 2021 - Tuition Cost: $1820.00
Semester 2: January 3 to March 11 2022 - Tuition Cost: $1170.00
Semester 3: March 22 to June 24 2022 - Tuition Cost: $1820.00
***option to register for one day/week
cross country skiing


We foster curiosity in learning through hands on experiences.  We peel pack knowledge like an onion, exploring the many layers that go beyond initial perceptions and how they integrate and relate.  Our thinking is critical, our lessons rooted in real world problem solving and relevant examples.  This stimulates interest and self motivation to discover more.  We take the classroom outside and into the community - integrating real world projects and opportunities. Ask yourself - how much is your child actually learning in a traditional classroom? Don't you want more for your Child's development?



We integrate with and go well beyond provincial curriculum standards and local school curriculums to create more experiential and inquiry based learning. Our core program focuses on "OE4": Ecological Education (EcoEd), Outdoor Education (OutEd), Experiential Education (ExEd), Leadership Education (EQ).

Ecological Education (EcoEd)

EcoEd assimilates ‘environmental education’ (EnvEd) and expands the term to embrace ecological principles while encompassing systems theory. The EcoEd component of OE4 draws heavily on holistic interpretations of the natural world by seeking and drawing out connections between varying nodes and integrating in core subject matters (E.g. mathematics).

Service Education (ServEd)

ServEd is how we connect and give back to our community. We use service projects to instill the value of community service but also as an opportunity for experiential learning. We are able to weave our curriculum into projects that make our community better, while also learning more about and connecting with local changemakers.

Outdoor Education (OutEd)

OutEd is the teaching and learning of skills for outdoor, wilderness living, travel and sport. This may include bushcraft, adventure sports, navigation, species identification, safe travel preparation and the like. OutEd embraces many traditional ways of knowing and living and is the foundation of what has developed into more formalized and academic activities.

Leadership Education (EQ)

In our layered approach to Leadership Development we focus on key elements such as self-awareness / control, grounding, empathy, advocacy, and environmental stewardship. With a focus on emotional intelligence, our multi-faceted approach focuses on supporting leadership growth from an individual, interpersonal, and communal perspective as we foster leadership development in the great future leaders of our planet!

Blue Mountain Wild School building
Blue Mountain Wild School building


We are thrilled to announce our new home base location at Kimbercote near Heathcote. We will be moving into a brand new, state of that the art, custom built school. The property sits on 100 acres (+ adjacent conservation lands) of creeks, fields and forests overlooking the Beaver Valley. Also on the property is a green house, science centre (complete with Lemur Monkeys, turtles, snakes and much more), butterfly garden, amphitheatre, medicine wheel fire pit, interpretive walks and over 20kms of trails. Truly this will be an incredible classroom!
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We also often set up mobile outdoor classrooms in the rivers, historic and cultural sites and parks of our beloved Blue Mountains. All locations are within 25 minutes of both Collingwood and Thornbury.
Part of our program is dressing for the weather and we educate both students and parents on how to be comfortable in our natural environment no matter the weather.