Core Competencies

JK-Grade 3 Core Competencies:

  • Students will be able to be more self directed and be able to complete work independently.
  • Students will be engaged and will actively participate in an outdoor environment.
  • Students will gain opportunities to practice their active listening skills, which will include listening to the instructions provided by their educator, asking questions if they need help, and demonstrating their learning by completing assigned tasks.
  • Students will learn greater collaboration and leadership skills. 


Grade 4-6 Core Competencies:

  • Students are engaged, active, outside and happy.

  • Students are putting their best effort into all activities online and completing each on time and to the best of their ability.

  • Students are working independently and in a self directed manner. Older siblings are helping younger siblings through shared Wild at Home work.

  • Students take initiative to ask questions when they need support and take ownership of their own learning.

  • Students are building a deeper connection to the land and space outside of their home in their backyard, front yard of nearby park.